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viernes, el 27 de abril de 2012

Sp II Honors
Enfoque #30- Change the underlined verb to the subjunctive and the sentence to an impersonal expression (instead of ojalá que) and replace the direct object noun with a pronoun   
1. Ojalá que tu (hacer) la tarea.  
2. Ojalá que la profesora no nos (dar) un examen.  
3. Ojalá que yo (conocer) a alguien interesante.  
4. Ojalá que nosotros (encontrar) la cámara.  
5. Ojalá que ustedes (tener) tiempo para ver la película.
-Correct WB pg 303; WB 309, 313, 315 - Questions?
-Leer: Querida Paulina pg. 382-383
-Escribir: Consejo Poster in small groups - 3 good things to do / 3 bad things for a new student; finish in class on Monday
HW: Book pgs. 386-387 (2-5)
*Enfoques 1-30 due on Monday
Test 7.1 and Notebook Check on Thursday (P1) and Friday (P2)

Enfoque #30 Leer: Unit Opener pgs 362-363; write 5 things you learned
-Leer: Vocabulario pgs. 366-367
-Mirar: Vocab Video
-Notes: Impersonal Expressions pg. 371
HW: WB pgs 298-299
*Enfoques 1-30 due on Monday
Vocab Quiz 7.1 + Notebook check on Thursday (P5) and Friday (P4)

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