Monday, May 7, 2012

lunes, el 7 de mayo de 2012

Sp II Honors
Enfoque #32- KWL Chart for 5 de mayo
-Cinco de Mayo Lesson/Bingo
HW: Finish up your projects; they're due 5/15.

Enfoque #32- Translate!    
1. Many people ask their friends questions in order to know what they should do.    
2. For us, the articles that offer help are very important.    
3. I always write letters by email!    
4. It’s good that you don’t have to pay for advice (consejo).
-Finish up Chapter:
-Leer: Cultura pgs. 373, 378
-Leer: Telehistoria pgs. 369, 374, 379
HW: Book pgs 386-387 (2-5) due 5/8
Test 7.1 - Thursday

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