Thursday, June 21, 2012

lunes, el 18 de junio - jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Monday, 6/18
-Review PPT for 2nd Semester

Tuesday, 6/19
-Per 5,6 Final
-Notebook Check (in class)

Wednesday, 6/20
-Per 1,2 Final
-Notebook Check (in class)

Thursday, 6/21
-Per 3, 4 Final
-Notebook Check (in class)

A note from me:
The grades are almost done. The only things left are participation (going in today), honors projects (hopefully going in today), and writtens (will be updated as I finish each period.)
Please DO NOT send begging emails about your grade. If you earned the points necessary you will get the letter grade that you desire. I do not have to round up and might round up if you have 59.5/69.5/79.5/89.5 and do NOT have missing assignments, have done all of the EC possible, test corrections and have decent participation! Again, I am NOT required to round up.
Grades will be done and on Edline and ABI report card no later than Monday, 6/25 at midnight.  
Thank you for your patience and for being my students! :) ¡Disfruten del verano!
- Señora Marcroft 

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