Tuesday, November 27, 2012

martes, el 27 de noviembre de 2012

Sp II Honors
Enfoque #23 – el 27 de noviembre de 2012  
1. It’s a good idea to dress yourself and put on your coat.
2. How does this skirt fit me? Is it loose or too tight?
3. He needs to buy a vest, belt and a cap.
4. We need to go the bakery because I want fresh bread!
-HW Q's? WB pgs 99-101
-Act 1, 2 pg. 146
-Apuntes: Irregular Yo Present Tense pg. 149
-Apuntes: FGM Verbs pg. 148 (+ extra info in PPT)
HW: WB pgs 102-104

SpIII-Enfoque #22 – el 27 de nov. de 2012  
1. Did you see the inerview with the famous photographer?
2. No, I was watching a short documentary on sponsoring charitable work.
3. Did they distribute the flyers about the telethon next week?
4. No, the deadline passed already and they still need to translate them to Spanish.
5. Did you agree with the debate that you saw on the educational channel?
-HW Q's?/Go over WB pgs 73-75

-Apuntes: Impersonal Se pg. 102
-Apuntes: Commands + Pronouns pg. 106
HW: WB pgs 76-78

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