Monday, September 16, 2013

lunes, el 16 de septiembre de 2013

Sp II Honors
Enfoque #3 - KWL chart for el 16 de septiembre (Mexican Independence Day)
-Basic Mexico Facts PPT
-Correct HW: Review WS Etapa Preliminar
-Review PPT: Lección Preliminar (pgs 1-31)
What you should know for the test tomorrow:
  • Vocab from pg. 29 (all review)
  • Present Tense Regular -ar, -er, -ir
  • Stem Changing Shoe verbs e-ie, o-ue, e-i (see R30) 
  • Tener, Estar, Ser, Ir in the present and how to use them
  • Ir + a + place, ir + a  infinitive
  • Tener Expressions on pg. 19 and how to use them
  • Culture on Mexico/16 of September (you'll learn this on Monday)

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