Monday, May 19, 2014

miércoles, el 14 de mayo y jueves, el 15 de mayo de 2014

miércoles, el 14 de mayo
 -Enfoque #38-Translate
1. Hopefully the world conserves the natural resources.
2. It is good to be responsible and it is  not good that people damage the ozone layer.
3. It is bad that we don’t recycle cans, glass and cardboard.
4. It’s extremely important that we breathe clean air.
5. I hope that you have worked as a volunteer before.
-Correct WB pgs 347-349
Apuntes: The Future Tense p.g 451 (irregulars)
 HW: WB pgs 350-352

jueves, el 15 de mayo


Study Day/ Google Chromebook exploration

Since more than half of our class is taking an AP test we explored on the Chromebooks.

HW: Same as yesterday! WB pgs 350-352 due on Friday; don't forget the vocab quiz on Friday 8.1

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