Tuesday, June 3, 2014

miércoles, el 28 de mayo a viernes, el 30 de mayo de 2014

SBAC Testing (Mrs. Marcroft out all week :( )

Wednesday el 28 de mayo
Enfoque #46– Translate
1. The doctor asked the public for help to improve her doctor's office.
2. Can you take these tools to those carpenters?
3. I hope that the businessmen have already gotten dressed for the gala.
4. José, buy me some new pencils please, but don't buy me pens.
5. We will put on our boots now because it is beginning to rain.
-Review Present Perfect (not in book) PPT
HW: None

Thursday - el 29 de mayo
No Enfoque - Practice Orals/Work on orals
Read: Culture 8.2
Read Telehistoria 8.2
HW: Level II Orals

 Friday - el 30 de mayo
No Enfoque - Practice Orals
-Correct Orals Level I
-Discuss finals and Tuesday's test (8.1/8.2)
HW: Book pgs 466-467

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