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-Correct HW WB pgs 220-221

Writing Activity with a partner:  The surprise party   *Finish 3 paragraphs (hand written is fine) for HW

• There are many things to do when you want to to give a party (dar una fi esta).

If it’s a surprise party (una fi esta de sorpresa), you fi rst need to ask everyone to

keep the secret (el secreto). Then you must clean (hay que limpiar) the house

before the guests (los invitados) arrive. It’s probably best to make a list of chores

(los quehaceres) that need to be done to get the house in order. After all, you

wouldn’t want to invite people to a house that is dirty (sucia)! Here are some

suggestions to study.

 cortar el césped (to cut the grass)

 hacer la cama (to make the bed)

 pasar la aspiradora (to vacuum)

 planchar la ropa (to iron)

 limpiar la cocina (to clean the kitchen)

 lavar los platos (to wash the dishes)

 barrer el suelo (to sweep the fl oor)

 sacar la basura (to take out the trash)

• Once the house is limpia (clean) and in order, you should decorate

it (debes decorarla). Your friends will probably volunteer to help

(ayudar) because decorating is fun. The decorations (las decoraciones)

can include streamers and balloons (globos). It’s important to put up

the decorations (poner las decoraciones) and set the table (poner la

mesa) before starting to cook (cocinar). And don’t forget to feed the

dog (darle de comer al perro). You certainly don’t want him to eat the

party food while you’re in the living room putting together the gift (el

regalo) for your friend.

• After you wrap (envolver) your friend’s gift

with gift paper (el papel de regalo), you can

relax, but not for too long.

• Your friends like to come (venir) early and celebrate (celebrar) right

away. So, when the guest of honor arrives, be ready to say (decir)

«¡Sorpresa!» and to begin to dance (bailar) and sing (cantar), and eat

the food that you just prepared (acabas de preparar). That is, if you

remembered to feed the dog!

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