Wednesday, December 9, 2015

miércoles, el 9 de diciembre de 2015


No Enfoque
 - Grocery ad activity

Pick three pictures (with spanish grocery items/words) and cut them out. Paste them onto your construction paper and add two sentences. One sentence should contain gustar (i.e. A mí me gustan las manzanas) and one sentence should say who is going to buy it (i.e. Yo voy a comprar manzanas.)

- Kahoot to practice er/ir and gustar

HW: WB pgs 113, 117, 120

10 Question Quiz tomorrow on  er/ir + gustar
- Notes to review are in the notes/handouts folder
- Study pg. 159 (the notes are also on the bottom)
- Quiz yourself online at  (choose 3.1 and present tense) for er/ir present tense
- Quiz yourself for gustar here:

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