Monday, February 29, 2016

lunes, el 29 de febrero de 2016

Hola a todos. You probably noticed that I have a sub today (I have a meeting at the district). Sorry! I'll be back by lunch for those of you who need to take make-up quizzes or tests.

Be good for the sub with the computers or next time I'll leave paper worksheets to fill out! :) Open up the Online book so you have it ready! Here is the link for too.

Use the links below for class today:
1. Enfoque - (on the computer) - Conjuguemos -  Pick Unidad 4 Leccion 2 (NOT CUMULATIVE), set the timer for 10 minutes  and practice your verbs. Use 4.1 if 4.2 isn't working! :)
2. Using your Online bookRead and watch pages 221, 226, 231 - Read each page with a partner and then watch it (with your headphones if you have them)
3. Play to review vocab - Teacher link
4. Play to review shoe verbs  - Teacher link
5. If extra time do more  (4.1 or 4.2 cumulative to review all verbs this year)

HW: WB 179, 187 if you didn't do it already. If you did take a night off! :)

 - Online book link -  (remember you need to log in and if you still haven't put in the access code it is 6176702 - 10 and 2007 )

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