Thursday, March 17, 2016

jueves, el 17 de marzo de 2016

Hi guys! Please follow along here so that you don't get lost while I'm gone!

Please be polite, keep your phones in your bags, and get some good understanding and practice please!

These files are in your Google Drive but you have to be logged in your account.
1. Watch Video on Pronunciation and accent 1.2
2. Watch Video on The Infinitive and Conjugation 1.3
3. Watch Video on Subject Pronouns 1.4
4. Watch Video on The Flashcard Strategy 1.5
5. If you would like, watch Regular AR verb video again 2.1
6. Read AR verb list here and Conjugation key here
7. Watch video on The Conjugation Strategy 2.2
8. Watch video on ER verbs 2.3
9. Read ER verb list here and Conjugation key here
10. Watch video on IR verbs 2.4
11. Read IR verb list here and Conjugation key here
12. Work on the Mixed Regular Verb WS (on paper passed out by the sub). 2.4M

HW: Finish WS for Monday if you don't finish it in class. I will also be collecting the book work from Thursday too on Monday.
Study for your test 5.1

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