Tuesday, May 31, 2016

martes, el 31 de mayo de 2016

lunes, el 30 de mayo

Memorial Day - No School :)

martes, el 31 de mayo
Practice Quiz for Present Progressive (estar + ando/iendo)
Practice Games for Present Progressive (estar + ando/iendo)
Review Reflexives
Practice writing with reflexives in the present and the preterite
HW: Practice Write #2 (3 paragraphs, pick from the topics on Edline or Google Classroom)

Also, upcoming tests/quizzes and important

Wednesday, 6/1 - Reflexives Quiz
Thursday, 6/2 - Present Progressive Quiz
Friday, 6/3 - In-class written final  (rubric here)
Monday, 6/6- review for oral finals
Tuesday, 6/7 - Thursday, 6/9 - Oral exams in class (it takes us three days to test; each student tests one time only).
Friday, 6/10 - Final Review Day
Monday, 6/13 - Return Books + Final multiple/choice exam

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