Monday, September 19, 2016

lunes, el 19 de septiembre de 2016

Enfoque #9 - Translate the following:
1. What is the weather like today? It's hot!
2. Is it cold? Yes, and it is windy.
3. Where are you from? I'm from California.
4. What is his name? His name is Juan.
5. Is it snowing?? No, it's raining.
-Correct Homework URB WS pgs 15-16
-Review Classroom phrases pg. 23
-In Class Review: Try out @HomeTutor on (pick Lección Preliminar and then Activities)
HW: Study for Lección Preliminar test (p. 1, 2) pgs 1-25
Spanish Test covers:
Lección Preliminar pages #1-25
-greetings p.2-3, names, origin
-#'s 1-10 (phone number)
-days of the week
-Mex. Independence Day
- Listening (ABC's)
- Reading Comprehension

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