Wednesday, December 7, 2016

miércoles, el 7 de diciembre de 2016165

Hi everyone. I caught the flu from my kids :( two more left school sick and the last two got sick last night so hopefully we will all be better tomorrow! Sorry I am not there! Er/ir present tense quiz postponed until tomorrow which gives you more time to practice!!

Enfoque #44 - Practice write - try to get at least two paragraphs and don´t just use Google Translate (we are prepping for the final) - Write a letter to a cousin or penpal about your day at school, talk about your classes, what you like, don´t like, what you have to do, about the cafeteria and the food you like/don´t like too. 
-Read new vocabulary (3.2) with a partner on pgs. 164-165.
-Do flashcards from quizlet 3.2 (10 mins); Show the cards in Spanish, and quietly say them to yourself in English. If you get one wrong, star it. Then, practice the starred cards until you no longer have any starred cards in your pile.
-Play "Scatter" (5-10 minutes): click here 
- Complete the practice activities in the @home tutor: click here 1. Enter name 2. Click "beginner" 3. Click "unidad 3" 4. Click "lección 2" 5. Click "vocabulario" 6. Click "práctica"

HW: Same as last night... WB 113, 114 and 117 if you didn´t already do it; study for Quiz on er/ir present tense tomorrow

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