Friday, June 9, 2017

viernes, el 9 de junio de 2017

Be good for Ms. Delgado!!

Review for your final by first finishing your review packet! It is due at the end of the period.

Next, look through this review ppt for the 2nd semester (also in Google Classroom)

If you finish, or if you are not doing your packet, please stay quiet and busy reviewing by the following things:

Here is what was missed most on the oral final:
- Positive Tú Commands    Flashcards (Unit 5.2)
- Reflexives    Flashcards (Unit 8.1)
- Direct Object Pronouns - Flashcards (Unit 4.1)
- Ser vs. Estar  -  Flashcards ser / Flashcards Estar (Unit 5.1) Game on Quia

Here are some more somewhat new topics you can practice:
-Reflexives pg. 415  -  PPTReflexive Verb Flashcards
-Present Progressive pg. 420  - PPTPresent Progressive Flashcards
-Review Vocab for Units 4-8 on Quizlet

Here is a condensed place you can find notes and vocab for the year, and what you should have learned this year!

You could also do @HomeTutor for any of the topics above
Complete the practice activities in the @home tutor on Click Here
1. Enter name    2. Click "beginner"   3. Click "unidad #"   4. Click "lección #"    5. Click "gramática"    6. Click "práctica gramática 1 or 2"  (hint: look above to see the unit and lesson number for the topic you'd like to practice, ie. 4.1 = unit 4 lesson 1)

You could also practice your tenses here at (hint, pick cumulative to use vocab from the whole year)

Reminder:  Extra credit is due on Monday, June 12th. 

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