Monday, June 7, 2010

lunes, el 7 de junio

- Reading aloud activity (outside!)
-Orals - Go over level I
-Review for quiz on Tuesday (impersonal se, conditional)
HW: Finish Orals Level II (get the Qs here!), study for quiz/orals (use the end of this PPT to review)
* extra practice conditional WS (here)
*Oral exams begin on Wednesday!

-Enfoque #25
Write out answers to sample oral questions for level III (two sentences + risk taking!)
1. Tell your friend that hopefully you can protect the endangered species.
2. Tell your mom that hopefully she'll drive you to the movies.
3. Tell your sister that hopefully summer arrives quickly!
-Review for quiz on Tuesday (conditional + if/then statements) use the end of this PPT to review
- Reading aloud activity (outside!)
HW: Study for quiz/orals

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