Tuesday, November 1, 2011

martes, el primero de noviembre de 2011

¡Feliz día de los muertos!

Sp II Honors
-Charlar (chat) en español
-Enfoque #24
1. We brush our teeth every day.
2. He prefers to comb his hair.
3. I woke up at ten.
4. You are going to get dressed.
5. They are eating.
-Finish Progressive PPT (pg 124)
-Correct WB pgs 79-81
-Peer Editing (postcards)
HW: Write two paragraphs in Spanish. The first should talk about your daily routine and what you normally do. The second should be about what you did yesterday.

-Enfoque #29
1. They played on the team actively.
2. I competed in Tour de France.
3. Did you follow a balanced diet carefully?
4. He exercised slowly  but didn’t win a prize.
5. We scored a goal quickly.
-Listening WB pgs 61, 62
-Review PPT
-Preterite Game
HW: Study for test 2.1
*Test 2.1 on Wednesday

What's on the test?
-Adverbs pg. 94
-Regular er/ir preterite pg. 95
-Cultura: Argentina pg. 86-87, 102, 106-107
-Vocab pg. 109
-Review PPT 2.1

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