Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome Benjamin Joseph!

During this past week I kept saying that it wasn’t a convenient time for him to arrive and finally on Sunday the stars aligned after Sammy’s talk at church and a few meetings and we went to the hospital. When my mom and sister Cathy arrived they broke my water and he arrived about 10-15 minutes later after a few pushes at 7:14 pm.

He wasn’t the biggest baby that we saw during our stay at the hospital (a 10 lbs. 14 oz. boy arrived this morning before we left) but he is our biggest so far having weighed in at 9 lbs. 9.4 oz. and 21.45” long. He reminds me a lot of his brothers at this age and is definitely ours!

The name was the hardest part. I was pretty sure that his name was supposed to be Benjamin but wasn’t sure what the middle name should be. we finally decided on Joseph after 3 great grandpas and an uncle!

The boys are sooo excited and their eyes light up when they see him! Welcome to our family Benjamin…we love you already!

More pictures to come…they’re on the camera still :)

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