Friday, March 23, 2012

viernes, el 23 de febrero de 2012

SpII Honors
Enfoque #18
1. Have you seen the director?
2. Have you guys filmed the scene?
3.  I have met many actors or actresses.
4.  Many people have put makeup on themselves.
5. My friend hasn’t played that role and she hasn’t failed.
Practice with En Español WB pgs 149-152
HW: Write 15 sentences using the present perfect and the vocab from 329
Test 6.1 on Wednesday

Enfoque #17
1. They filmed the scene yesterday.
2. I failed and didn’t learn my role.
3. Did you put the microphone close to the actress?
4. That comedy was so funny it made me laugh and cry.
5. The screen play writer wrote a great screenplay.
Act 1 and 1 pg. 312
Correct HW WB pgs 246-247
Notes pgs 315
HW:WB pgs 250-251
Vocab Quiz 6.1 on Wednesday

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