Thursday, September 20, 2012

jueves, el 19 de septiembre de 2012

Enfoque #4
1. It is Monday and I am sleepy.
2. We like to run but after we’re thirsty.
3.  He always wins because he is lucky.
4.  They are very hungry because it is almost 1 pm.
-Group Review: pgs 24-25 - ar, er, ir, present tense shoe verbs
-Correct HW: Book pgs 30-31
-Review PPT
Test on Lección Preliminar tomorrow:
What you should know for the test:

  • Vocab from pg. 29 (all review)
  • Present Tense Regular -ar, -er, -ir
  • Stem Changing Shoe verbs e-ie, o-ue, e-i
  • Tener, Estar, Ser, Ir in the present and how to use them
  • Tener Expressions on pg. 19 and how to use them
  • Culture on Mexico/16 of September
Don't forget to check out the resources on They have flashcards, videos, games, and @Home Tutor which has practice tests and more!

Enfoque #4 - Translate
1. I always train every morning.
2. We never bathe we prefer showering.
3. He brushed his teeth and now he’s going to put his clothes on.
4. Do you comb or brush your hair?
5. They wake up at six but don’t get up until 7.
-Practice WS: Reflexives (finish for HW)
-More notes on Comparatives pg. 22-23
-Review activity on pg. 23
HW: WS: URB LP Pgs 20-21
Test moved until Tuesday

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