Friday, September 28, 2012

viernes, el 28 de septiembre de 2012


Enfoque #8
1. The flight attendant is going to bring me food. 
2. We give our money to the travel agent.
3.  You all need to pass your homework to the teacher.
4.  Mrs. Marcroft, did you send us an email with the itinerary?
5. I have to buy a present for you.
-Correct HW: WB 7-9
-Practicar: Book pg 47 Act 14
-Leer: Cultura pgs. 42, 48
HW: WB pgs 16, 18, 21
Test on Wednesday or Thursday next week!

Enfoque #7
1. The guide is taking us on a guided tour in the truck.
2. We save our money because we want to have fun.
3.  You need to observe and follow the rules if you’re going to go whitewater rafting.
4. They need to find fresh water while they’re in the forest looking for spiders in the trees.
-Corregir la tarea WB pgs 1-3
-Leer: pg 35 Act 4 pg. 36
-Apuntes: El Pretérito pg. 37
HW: WB pgs 4-6
Vocab Quiz 1.1 on Tuesday

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