Friday, September 19, 2014

viernes, el 19 de septiembre de 2014

-Review Capitals
-Capitals/Countries Quiz
-Review ABCs
-ABC Quiz (via Google Voice)
-Correct HW Book pgs 26-27 (2-4)
-Discuss "Scavenger Hunt"
HW: Scavenger Hunt #1

Weekly Spanish Scavenger Hunt/Word Search
Your goal is to find and document some of the Spanish that is all around us on packaging, on signs, in stores/restaurants and more. Your job is to find something with Spanish words on it. You may either take a picture of it (if you see it while you’re at the store or at a restaurant etc) and print it out or cut a piece off of packaging, or out of a magazine/newspaper/etc. Then you need to paste it in your composition book and do the following activities:
1) Write down 5 new words and define them:
2) Write a sentence using one of the new words:
3) Do you see any cognates? If so, list them:

4) Any differences in what the Spanish says versus the English?

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