Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Examen 1.1

HW: Picture cards for the first 16 words on pg. 75  - Write the Spanish word and either draw or print out a picture for each one.

artístico(a) artistic
atlético(a) athletic
bueno(a) good
cómico(a) funny
desorganizado(a) disorganized
estudioso(a) studious
inteligente intelligent
malo(a) bad
organizado(a) organized
perezoso(a) lazy
serio(a) serious
simpático(a) nice
trabajador(a) hard-working
alto(a) tall
bajo(a) short (height)
bonito(a) pretty

Here is a sample:

Get a template on Edline if you'd like or just fold the paper the old fashioned way: Start with a square piece of paper, fold it in half, then leaving the first fold, Fold in half again (you now have 4 square regions) fold in half again (8 rectangles),then fold in half one more time (you have 16 squares), 
unfold and then cut your paper in half, each half has 8 equal squares.

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