Friday, October 10, 2014

viernes, el 10 de octubre de 2014

-Enfoque #13 - Write an e-mail to a penpal from Mexico. Talk about yourself and describe things you like and don’t like to do. Talk also about the activities you like to do with your friends. First, fill out the chart to organize the details you would like to include. Now write the e-mail to your penpal. Make sure to:
• introduce yourself
• tell where you are from
• use the information in the chart to write about the things you like and don’t like to do for each of the categories given
-Leer: Vocabulario 1.2 pgs 56-57
HW: Scavenger Hunt #4 + Visual Flashcards for Vocab 1.2 pg. 75 - Next 16 words (like yesterday's assignment)

Here are the words: 
grande - big
guapo(a) - handsome/good looking
joven (pl. jóvenes)  - young

pelirrojo(a) -red head
pequeño(a)  - small
viejo(a) - old
Tengo... - I have
Tiene... He/she/Usted Has
pelo rubio - blond hair

pelo castaño - dark hair
el (la) amigo(a) - the friend
la chica - the girl
el chico - the boy
el (la) estudiante - the student

el hombre - the man
la mujer  - the woman

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