Tuesday, November 15, 2016

martes, el 14 de noviembre de 2016

Enfoque #34 - Act 1 pg. 130 - Listen and take notes (you can make a table for your notes or just write them down) to be able to do the enfoque, which is to write 4 sentences about what time is is places and where she goes.
Ex) A las ocho Ana está delante de la clase de arte. Ella va de la clase de arte a la clase de español.

-Leer: Telehistoria pgs. 113, 118, 123
-Mirar la telehistoria
-Leer: Cultura p. 116 (el Zócalo), p. 122 (Frida/el autoretrato), Pronunciation (d) p. 121
-Group/Partner Practice writing/ Act 21 pg. 125
Extra Credit HW: URB Worksheets for Estar and Ir (2.2) or Vocab 2.2 Do 1 worksheet (2 pages) for 2 points or two worksheets (4 pages total) for 4 points. There are three to choose from. The sub will collect these tomorrow (don't forget to write your name). If you can't print it you may write it on paper, turn it in via Doc Hub or via Google Docs. :)

Test 2.2 this week!
What's on the test?
Estar (feelings, location pg. 115)
Ir (to go, pg. 120)
Mexican culture pgs 116, 122
Vocab p. 129

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