Tuesday, November 29, 2016

martes el 29 de noviembre de 2016

Enfoque #38 - Act 1 pg. 142 - Take this image and either circle or color in the hidden images that you see that are vocabulary words and list them below the image (there are 8).
In your Google Doc go to "Insert --> Drawing --> and then click on the picture icon with the mountain. Then choose URL) Here is the image to insert (or the URL is https://goo.gl/QSHpwj ):
Underneath you can list 1) - 8) with the vocab words. Use pg. 159 if you can't remember them
(see the bottom of the blog post for info on using Google Draw to do this!)

-Correct HW: WB pgs 99-100
-Notes: Pg 144 - Interrogative Words + Act. 3 pg. 144
-Notes: Gustar with Nouns pg. 145 + Act. 5 pg. 144
HW: WB pgs 102-103
Vocab Quiz 3.1 (pg 159) is on Thursday (Quizlet link to flashcards)
Tips on using Google Draw to write/draw on an image and then insert into your Enfoques in Google Docs: 
  1. You can insert --> drawing --> paste in the URL https://goo.gl/QSHpwj 
  2. or Use Print Screen to take a screenshot (or upload this image directly to Google Drawings).
  3. Go to drawings.google.com   and you can insert the image from your drive or you can copy and paste this URL  https://goo.gl/QSHpwj  which will bring up the image
  4. Use the Crop tool (Format > Crop Image) on the toolbar to isolate the section you would like to show.
  5. Use the Shape and Line tools to highlight the points on the image.
  6. Google Drawings has a variety of shapes and arrowheads to help you stylize the annotations.
  7. Insert text annotations (with the Text Box) and format with font style and size. Also, try Shapes --> Callouts.
  8. Go to Format --> Image Options for any color corrections.
  9. Go to File --> Download as for the finished PNG or JPEG file. You can also share the annotated image via Google Drive.
  10. Back in your Google Doc go to insert --> Image --> Upload
  11. More Google Drawings help here or here

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