Wednesday, February 22, 2017

miércoles, el 22 de febrero de 2017

Hola estudiantes, I got my dates mixed up and I'm out today and tomorrow. I'll be back Friday so we'll do the 4.2 vocab quiz then! :) Buena suerte. Be good for Mr. Pierce

Enfoque #61 - Act 5 pg. 224 - Use PODER

Now we're going to practice using the shoe verbs some more!
1. O--> UE Shoe Verbs, pg. 223
-Pull out your notes again on o--> ue shoe verbs so you can add things if you need.
-Watch this video here
-Add to your o--> ue notes by reading through the explanation here
-Practice with these activities here:
 1. Complete the o to ue practice activities in the @ home tutor: click here 1. Enter name 2. Click "beginner" 3. Click "unidad 4" 4. Click "lección 2" 5. Click "gramática" 6. Click "práctica de gramática 1"
2. Play the following games (all verbs are o to ue verbs): -Flappy Bird -Tower Blocks
3. Take the tier 1 quiz: click here *If you receive an 18/20 or less, move on to tier 2
4. Complete the following activities: -Activity #1 -Activity #2 -Activity #3 -Activity #4 
5. Take the tier 2 quiz: Click here *If you receive less than a 10/10, see your instructor for further explanation.

HW: WB pgs 176
If you have any extra time you can work on vocab games using the FLASH CARDS for Vocab Quiz 4.2  (pg. 237) on Friday

-Watch the three videos on stem-changing verbs on this page: the top three should work.

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