Wednesday, April 12, 2017

miércoles, el 12 de abril de 2017

  1. Enfoque #87 - Practice write - try to get at least two paragraphs and don´t just use Google Translate (we are prepping for the final) -
    You are going to write an article for your school’s newspaper about the sports
    that are popular at your school. Choose three sports and explain where and
    when the sports are played, and if your school has a team. First, fill out the chart
    to plan the details that you will include in your article.
    Now write your article. Make sure that you include the following information:
    • what sports students play
    • where students play these sports
    • when students play these sports
  2. • what teams there are at your school
  3. -Read new vocabulary (6.2) with a partner on pgs. 326 - 327.
  4. -Do flashcards from quizlet 6.2 (10 mins); Show the cards in Spanish, and quietly say them to yourself in English. If you get one wrong, star it. Then, practice the starred cards until you no longer have any starred cards in your pile. (New Vocab  list on pg. 345)
  5. -Play Games (5-10 minutes): StudyStack  Quiz  StudySpell       
  6. Complete the following activities:      -Chopped       -Unscramble        -Stellar Spellar  ( "menu", "swap term definition", "resume")       -Space Race
  7. If time, take notes on pg. 331

HW: WB pgs 269-270

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