Thursday, March 18, 2010

jueves, el 18 de marzo de 2010

• Enfoque #3
1. Don't film me, I need to put makeup on.
2. Do you have the microphones? Start the sound now!
3. The actors and actresses are really good and they aren't going to fail us.
4. Tell the cameraman that the director needs a good scene before editing.
• Group Time - Work on/finish comic strip (due tomorrow)
Review PPT 6.1
• HW: Comic Strip due Friday
o Study for test 6.1 (Friday)

• Enfoque #3 -
1. Hopefully my friends are online, I need to talk to them.
2. Hopefully I can leave a message for him because I want to go to the premiere with him.
3. What are you going to wear to the formal party? My dad still needs a bow tie.
4. Did you read the review in the newspaper? Of course!
5. Hopefully he clicks on the icon and that he sends me an email.
Quick notes on Esperar/Querer/Desear + subjunctive
• Correct WB pgs 275-277
• Leer: Telehistoria pgs. 337, 342, 347
HW: Book pgs 354-355 (Act 2-5) (due 3/19)
--> Act 2 use quiero + que + subjunctive/ Act 3 use el director espera que + subjunctive)
• If you want to get ahead:
o Friday's HW: Comic Strip (click here for details)

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