Tuesday, March 16, 2010

martes el 16 y miércoles el 17 de marzo de 2010

CAHSEE Testing (no class with me)

o EC: Classzone.com due Thursday, 3/18
o Comic Strip due Friday, 3/19
o Study for test 6.1 (Friday, 3/19) Get the review PPT here!

• HW: WB pgs 275-277 (due 3/18 after the CAHSEE)
• If you want to get ahead:
o Thursday's HW: Book pgs 354-355 (Act 2-5) (due 3/19)
o Friday's HW: Comic Strip (see Edline for details)
o Reminder: Classzone.com EC due on Thursday, 3/18
o Get Ready: Test 6.2 on Tuesday, 3/23
Also, download notes (pdf form) for regular present subjunctive with ojalá que and irregular present subjunctive

* Group projects Pgs. R6, R7, R14 due Thursday 3/25 (instead of 3/19)

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