Tuesday, March 2, 2010

martes, el 2 de marzo de 2010

• Enfoque #15 - Answer these questions using your DOPN and your IOPN/Reflexive PN
1. Celia, ¿le das a Mamá la lista de la compra?
2. Anita, ¿me diste la tarea?
3. Julio, ¿nos traes la tarta del refrigerador, para decorarla?
4. Celia, ¿les estás diciendo la hora de la fiesta a los amigos?
5. Bueno, ¿vamos a ponernos la ropa para la fiesta?
• Vocab review game: Slap it
• Vocab Quiz 5.2
• Correct HW: Book pgs. 298-299 (Act 2-5)
• Leer: Cultura pg. 294-295: Dos tradiciones culinarias (España/Uruguay)
• HW: WB pgs 235, 237, 241
• 5.2 Test moved to Thursday; bring WB to do listening tomorrow

• Enfoque #15 - Use tú commands to tell your little sister to do these things:
1. Watch this movie, it's a comedy and the plot is interesting.
2. Film the actresses and their scenes.
3. Write a good screenplay that is going to make us laugh.
4. Don't edit me, I'm an excellent actor.
5. Don't fail us please. Do your role well.
• Vocab review game: Slap it
• Vocab Quiz 6.1
• Finish Song, watch video - No Me Ames por Jennifer López y Marc Anthony
• HW: WB pgs 260, 264 (all activities); + pgs. 266/267 (Acts 1/2 only) - this download has the unit opener pages from the book)
* Vocab presentations start tomorrow: Groups R2, R3, R12

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