Wednesday, May 19, 2010

miércoles, el 19 de mayo de 2010

  • Marine Iguanas video
  • PPT Quiz #2 (Imperfect; Preterite vs. Imperfect)
  • Correct WB pages (344-345, 347-348, 350-351)
  • Review 8.1
  • HW: Book pgs 442-443 (Act 2-5)
  • Twiz 8.1 on Monday, 5/24
  • Marine Iguanas video
  • Go over Oral Questions (Level 1 Q1-7)
  • Share Oral Questions with partner
  • PPT Quiz #2 (Imperfect; Preterite vs. Imperfect)
  • Vocab Quiz 8.2
  • HW: Finish Level 1 orals (Qs 8-15)
Don't forget that your next blog is due on FRIDAY! Don't wait to do it and print it out! Get ahead now! Here are your next two topics!
5/21 - Choose one: Write about going out to eat with your family/friends and discuss your experience or pretend you're a food critic and write a review about a place that you visited
5/28 - Choose one: Write about your family to a pen pal in Spain or write an article for the school newspaper about friendship and peer pressure.

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