Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Blog URLS! Please Read!

New Blog URLS! Please read!!!
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To make sure that you ALL understand I’m going to put this in English so please forgive me. There is a limit of 100MB per class for media and we’ve been running into many problems so I created individual classes. You login in the same way and up at the right you should be able to pull down the menu and it will say Mrs. Marcroft’s Spanish Classes (old URL) and then MarcroftP1 (or your period number). I think that I made it so that you can read their posts if you’re logged in and leave comments as well.
If you start posting there you will be able to upload pictures without problems. Note: To be able to see your friend’s blogs in other classes I had to take off the password protection thing so if your parents are worried about what you’re posting keep posting to this URL. Otherwise you won’t have to log in to read/leave comments.
Here are the URLs for easy access (or you can go to the old address and change it at the top).
Per 1 –
Per 2 -
Per 2 –
Per 4 –
Per 6 –

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