Tuesday, February 12, 2013

martes, el 12 de febrero de 2013

SpIIH - Enfoque #5 - Act 2 pg. 256
1. Las fresas con azúcar tienen sabor picante.
2. Comemos la merienda por la tarde.
3. Hervimos las zanahorias en vinagre caliente.
4. Compramos los ingredientes para la receta en el supermercado.
5. Desayunamos por la noche.
6. Mezclamos la mostaza con el vinagre para tener un sabor dulce.

Book pg. 256, Act 2 (tell them that I’ll stamp HW tomorrow)
-Act 3 on pg. 256 with a partner when they finish
-Read Telehistoria pgs. 257, 262, 267 out loud with a partner
-Notes: ísimo pg. 258 (use the PPT on the desktop) then do Act 5 on pg. 258
-Begin classwork and finish any additional pages for HW: URB 5.1 pgs. 5-6 and 8-9
-Test on unit 5.1 on Friday


Español III – El trabajo de hoy (el 12 de febrero de 2013)
* Log in to student / no password NOT your own name/id

1)    Go to classzone.com
2)    Pick conjuguemos.com
a.      Go to Unit 3.2 (Cumulative)
                                               i.     Pick “Yo” form and Present tense (you might need to scroll down)
                                              ii.     Pick a time if you need more than five minutes and click go!
                                            iii.     Practice 1-2 times w/the present indicative tense
b.      After practicing and “feeling good” with the present go back and change to these specifications (still 3.2 Cumulative)
                                               i.     Pick all subjects
                                              ii.     Pick present subjunctive
                                            iii.     Practice at least two times (5 or more minutes)
3)    Return to Classzone.com
a.      Go to @HomeTutor
                                               i.     Pick our section 3.2
1.     You may do practice for the vocab or grammar or the “repaso inclusivo” _
2.     Practice, practice, practice! :)

HW: WB pgs 137, 140

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