Tuesday, February 26, 2013

martes, el 26 de febrero de 2013

Sp II Honors
Enfoque # 8
1. Class, try the potato omelette & tell me if it is too hot.
2. Students, eat the salad but don’t add salt.
3. Should I beat the eggs? No, you (usted) mix them first.
4. Waiter, serve us a fruit salad but don’t give us soup.
5. You guys, boil the water but don’t add pepper.
-Corregir WB pgs 223-225
-Notes/Reteach: Double Object Pronoun Placement p. 288
-Pronunciation pg. 289
HW: WB pgs 226-228
Vocab Quiz 5.2 tomorrow!

Enfoque #  8
1. I desire that you do your HW.
2. He wants her to give him chocolate.
3. We hope that they imitate us.
4. Hopefully, he stands out on his team.
-Correct the HW: WB pgs 151-153
-Notes: Review 217 (verbs of desire)
-Notes: Present Subjunctive pg. 222 (verbs of influence)
HW: WB pgs 154-156

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