Thursday, May 2, 2013

jueves, el 2 de mayo de 2013

Enfoque # 30
1. I am the most generous (one) in class.
2. He is the most shy teammate on the team.
3. Are they least or the most patient one in their families?
4. Hopefully you have been the most sincere person in your interview.
5. The best thing is that we get along well.
-Correct HW: WB pgs 324-326
HW: Listening Log #6
Test 7.2 on Tuesday, 5/7

Enfoque #32 - Translate
1. Have you taken a walk and seen the new display window at Macy's?
2. He has just found out that he needs to repair the bathtub.
3. We have left our homework on the nightstand, how sad!
4. They have taken advantage of the time and have bought their tickets.
5. I had turned on the faucet, but my mom turn just turned it off.
-Correct WS: URB 6.1 pgs 8-9
HW: Listening Log #6
Test 6.1 on Tuesday, 5/7

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