Tuesday, May 14, 2013

martes, el 14 de mayo de 2013

Sp II Honors
Enfoque #34-Translate
1. It is true that we will volunteer for Leo’s Club.  

2. It’s true that we will conserve water. 
3. It’s not true that we have lots of hybrid vehicles in the world.
4. It is true that you will recycle cardboard and glass. 
5. It’s not true that there are forest fires right now in the forest.  
6.It’s true that contamination will damage the environment. 
7. It’s true that it’s our responsibility to protect the world.
8. It’s not true that you pick up trash all the time.  
-Vocab Review
-Vocab Quiz 8.1
-Apuntes: Future to express probability
HW: WB pgs 370-372
8.1/8.2 (grammar only) Future Quiz on Friday

Enfoque #38- Escribe 5 oraciones usando las palabras de la página 379. Ex) Me voy a caer si exploro mucho, por eso me quedo al lado del río.
-Discuss STAR test
-Discuss posting on social media
-Correct HW: WB pgs 275-277
HW: Book pgs. 380-381 (2-4)
6.2 Quiz on Friday

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