Friday, May 31, 2013

viernes, el 31 de mayo de 2013

Sp II H - Period 3
Enfoque #38 - Translate
1. The doctor asked the public for help to improve her doctor's office.
2. Can you take these tools to those carpenters?
3. I hope that the businessmen have already gotten dressed for the gala.
4. José, buy me some new pencils please, but don't buy me pens.
5. We will put on our boots now because it is beginning to rain.
-Correct HW: WB pgs 373-375
-Notes: Conditional Tense (not in book) - Get notes online here.
HW: WS (SpIII) URB 5.2 pgs 16-17

Sp II H - Period 4
-Vocab Quiz 8.2
-Library Day: Research and begin brochure (or PPT if you'd like)
HW: Oral Questions Level III 1-15

-Enfoque #40 - Act 6 pg. 398
-Correct HW: WB pgs 298-300
-Group work: written topics
-Discuss oral topics
HW: Rough Draft - ALL IN SPANISH,  2-3 sentences per section, 5 sections written out minimum. EMAIL me if you have any questions!

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