Thursday, February 12, 2015

jueves, el 12 de febrero de 2015


Enfoque #6 - Identify the DO Noun and then rewrite in Spanish using the DOPN:
1. I'm going to buy some jeans.
2. Do you want to visit me?
3. We need to do our homework.
4. He buys new shirts every week.
5. They have to practice soccer today.

-Read / Watch Telehistoria pgs. 197, 202, 207
-Correct WB pgs 153, 156
-Discuss Quiz on Shoe Verbs (tomorrow) pg. 199

HW for 2-12-15: Go to and choose Level I. Choose Unit 4 Lección 1 (not cumulative this time so that you get only shoe verbs), scroll down and then set the timer to 10 minutes. Practice and then either take a picture of it or a screen shot at the end when your time is up. It will show me how many you did and how many you got right/wrong and for how long you practiced. You either need to a) bring it on your phone, b) print it out, or c) email it to me.

This is what you'll send to me (but hopefully a lot better score):

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