Wednesday, February 18, 2015

miércoles, el 18 de febrero de 2015

Enfoque # 7 - Read pg. 203 and then answer the questions about the painting, La Persistencia de La Memoria (by Salvador Dalí) below.
1. At first glance, La persistencia de la memoria might look totally unrealistic to
you. Study the painting and list at least three things that are portrayed realistically.
What about these things makes them seem real?
2. What do you see in the painting that appears dream-like or strange? List at least
three things you think are unrealistic in the painting. What about these things
makes them seem unreal?
3. What do you think Dalí was trying to say about time and memory in La persistencia
de la memoria? Explain your answer using details from the painting.

- Read pg. 206 and discuss Northern/Southern Hemisphere and seasons
-Practice DOPNs pg. 205 Acts 11 and 12
HW: WS - URB 4.1 pgs 8-9 + Book pgs 214-215 if  you didn't do it yesterday.
Test 4.1 on Friday

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