Monday, October 17, 2016

lunes, el 17 de octubre de 2016

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Enfoque #21 (make sure to click on Enfoques 21-40 in Google classroom and not try to put it in 1-20; those should be turned in already if you haven't done so!)
Quick write -  Act 7 pg. 81, using the information from the activity, write one or two paragraphs about the student listed. 
- Read the Telehistoria with a partner using the online book pgs 59, 64, 69
- Watch the telehistoria using the online book (Per 1, Nicole be ready to do it on Chromecast, Per 2 - Michelle, same, Per 3 - you'll have to watch it on your own.)
- Begin chapter 2.1 by reading the vocabulary on pgs. 86-87
-After reading it watch the video from the online book on pg. 86
-Practice the vocabulary by completing the following activities: -Scatter -Bug Match -Collision Course -Hungry Bug
- Complete the práctica activities in the @ home tutor" click here - Enter your name - Click "beginner" -Click "Unidad 2" -Click "lección 1" -Click "vocabulario", -Click "práctica" 
-Quiz yourself on the flashcards. Show the card in Spanish, say it in English. Star the ones you do not know and study those until you do not have any left in your starred pile. click here ; change them to English first in the settings
-Take the lesson 1 practice quiz. click here
HW#26: WB pgs 50-51

Vocab Quiz 2.1 (pg 105) will be on Thursday, 10/20. 

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