Wednesday, October 19, 2016

miércoles, el 19 de octubre de 2016

Some people are at the PSAT but if you're not....

1. Watch this video...about telling time.

2. Then watch this music video...

3. Read through this telling time explanation: click here
4. Complete these online activities:  -Activity #1      -Activity #2      -Activity #3     -Activity #4
5. Complete this quiz: click here
If you receive less than a 100%, continue on to tier 2 for more practice.


1. Watch this instructional video

2. Practice with this clock by inputting the time, and hearing how you would say it in Spanish: click here
3. Complete these online activities:  -Activity #1  -Activity #2  

4. Review the links, activities, and videos in tier 1 as needed
5.  Complete this quiz: click here
-If you receive less than a 100%, see your teacher for further explanation.

HW #28: STUDY QUIZLET 2.1 for at least ten minutes AND GET A SIGNATURE!!
Vocab Quiz 2.1 (pg. 105) tomorrow
Thursday Quiz- Vocab 2.1 (no numbers, pg. 105) -
Friday Quiz- Numbers 1-100 (pg. 87) -

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