Thursday, March 2, 2017

jueves, el 2 de marzo de 2017

Enfoque #66 - Open the new file in Google Classroom first for Enfoques 66-80...  Act 13 pg. 230 (Listening)

*Note, Enfoques #51-65 need to be turned in on Google Classroom no later than midnight, tonight, Thursday, March 2*

Correct HW: URB 4.2 WS pgs 17, 20 with shoe verbs

Review PPT 4.2 - You'll need this link for the review PPT:

Test 4.2 tomorrow! What is on it?
Vocab from pg. 237 Culture from 4.2 (Spain, Las Meninas, Weekend fun in Chile/Spain, Sunday Flea Markets) Ir + a + infinitive pg. 222 Shoe Verbs (e-> i and o→ue pgs 223, 228)

HW: Study for your test tomorrow!  Review PPT and notes are on Google Classroom!

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