Thursday, March 30, 2017

jueves, el 30 de marzo de 2017

Enfoque # 79 - Write 2 or more paragraphs in Spanish:

As the president of your school’s student council, it is your responsibility to plan the upcoming school dance. Write a letter to the principal explaining what you have planned for the dance. Explain what you need to do before, during and after the dance to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Make sure that you include the following information:
• what you did for the preparations before the party using the expression acabar de + infinitive
• what you do at the party using as many irregular verbs as possible (ie. poner, salir, traer, hacer...)
• a list of tú commands that you give to your classmates to organize the different activities for the party

- Leer: Nuevo Vocabulario 6.1 pgs. 302 - 303 (all of the vocab is on pg. 321) Quizlet 6.1
- Act 1 pg. 304
- Leer: Unit 6 Opener República Dominicana pgs. 298 - 299
-Quizlet Live

HW: WB pgs 246-247 which will be due on Friday, and if you want to get ahead you can do WB pgs 249-250 which will be due on Monday.

Vocab Quiz 6.1 will be on Tuesday (pg. 321) Flashcards --> Quizlet 6.1

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