Monday, March 20, 2017

lunes, el 20 de marzo de 2017

Mr. Pierce is here! Be good!

No Enfoque - get out your HW for Mr. Pierce to check (WB pgs 223-224)

1. Review the flashcards on Click here -Be sure to listen to the audio! Click here

2. Watch the vocabulary video and answer the multiple choice questions on Click here -->  1. Enter Name     2. Click "beginner"     3.  Click "unidad 5"     4. Click "lección 2"     5. Click "vocabulario"     6. Click "presentación video"

3. Play Scatter (5-10 minutes): Click here

4. Play Bug Match (5-10 minutes): Click here

5. Play Hungry Bug (5-10 minutes): Click here

6. Complete the  vocabulary "práctica" activities in the @home tutor:  click here 
1. Enter name    2. Click "beginner"      3. Click "unidad 5"      4. Click "lección 2 "    5. Click "vocabulario"     6. Click "práctica"

7. Quiz yourself on the flaschards: Click here
 -Show the card in Spanish, say it in English. Star the cards you do not know, continue to practice until you do not have any starred cards left.

8. Take the practice vocab quiz: Click here -If you receive less than a 38/42, repeat activity #7 and try again.  If scored a 38/42 or higher, move on to lesson 2.

HW: WB pg 222

*If there is more time you may begin your notes for tomorrow on affirmative tú commands on pg. 282
**Vocab Quiz 5.2 pg. 291 on Wednesday

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