Monday, October 22, 2012

lunes, el 22 de octubre de 2012

Quick Write #6
 You went to see a big championship soccer game this weekend! Mention what you saw while there. Think of your vocab! Describe the team, the players, the uniforms and the game! Mention the weather, food, what you did before/after if you’d like?
-Leer: Vocab pgs 90-91
-Correct WS URB 2.1 pgs 5-6
-Notes: Demonstrative Adjectives pg. 100
 HW: WB Pgs 56-58 (Acts 1-2 only)
Vocab Quiz 2.1 (pg 109) on Tuesday

Quick Write #6
You used to always go to your grandma’s house for dinner on Sundays when you were a kid. Talk about who else would come, what you used to eat, what you would do there. Pick one day that something unusual/funny/scary happened and describe it!
 -Leer/Escuchar pgs. 61, 66
-Act 11 pg. 67
-HW: Preterite Imperfect WS 1.2 on Súper Sandra
Test 1.2 on Wednesday

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