Wednesday, October 24, 2012

miércoles, el 24 de octubre de 2012

Sp II / Sp III

Library Day -  Your task today:
1.     Go to and sign up for an account (enter name, email and create a password)
2.     Create a website for your Spanish writing/work  (pick a title in Spanish!)
3.     Email me your URL, your name and your period  (
4.     Work on setting up, designing and personalizing your website (everything that you type should be in Spanish!) Publish it when you finish!
5.      Visit  for some help and to see what it should look like! Click on Tarea #1 for more info!

Hint: If you use MS Word to do your typing you can tell it check it in Spanish and then paste it into the blog. My blog also has the shortcuts for accent marks under the help section!)

HW: Finish Setting up your blog with these minimum requirements
  • Pick a design and personalize it using Spanish
  • "Publish" it (by clicking the publish button in the upper right hand side of the blog)
  • Write 1-2 paragraphs in Spanish about yourself
  • Email me your URL
Spanish III - 1.2 Test on Friday
Spanish II - 2.1 Test on Tuesday

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