Tuesday, October 23, 2012

martes, el 23 de octubre de 2012

SpII-Enfoque #14 – Translate: 
1. They exercised and then rested.
2. I followed a balanced diet.
3. Ugh! We are tied!
4. He’s very muscular and runs quickly!
5. It’s necessary to stay in shape!
-Vocab Game 2.1
-Vocab Quiz 2.1
-Notes: Demonstrative Pronouns pg. 100
HW: WB pgs 56-58 (Act 3) + Book pg. 101 Act 14 parts a & b
Bring your ID cards, Wednesday is a computer lab day!

Enfoque #16 - Leer pgs 71-72 + answer questions on pg. 72
-Mirar: Un video corto de "Como Agua Para Chocolate"
-Leer: Como Agua Para Chocolate (excerpt) by Laura Esquivel pgs. 74-75 (finish 76-77 tomorrow)
HW: 15 mins on Classzone on Conjuguemos.com for Lesson 1.2 (send it to me and bring printed proof)

Note: Test has been moved to Friday; Wednesday will be a computer lab day, bring your ID!

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