Monday, April 15, 2013

lunes, el 15 de april de 2013

Sp II Honors
- Quick Write # 6 - Act 19 pg. 381
-HW Questions? 309, 314, 315.
-Leer: Telehistoria pgs. 369,374, 379 + watch it
-Leer: Book pg. 382-383.
-In groups write down 10 pieces of advice for any new kid starting school. 5 things that she should do and 5 that she shouldn’t using the impersonal expressions that we’ve been studying (see pg. 371)

i.e. Es importante que tú hagas la tarea a tiempo. / No es preferible que llegues tarde a las clases.  HW: Book pgs. 386-387 (2-5)

Enfoque #22 - translate
1. I would like to learn to play chess.
2. Students, please don’t argue with each other, but you can discuss your ideas.
3. He wants to attend a show, but needs to take a nap.
4. Find me in my office to relate your resolution to me.
5. We love the informal environment for our club activities.
-Correct HW: WB Pgs 220-222
-Apuntes: Qué vs. Cuál pg. 302, Act 5 pg. 302
-Apuntes: Conditional pg. 303
HW: WB pg 223-225
Vocab Quiz 5.2 on Weds (pg. 319)

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