Monday, April 22, 2013

lunes, el 22 de abril de 2013

Enfoque #26-Translate
1. Let's put on our jackets because it's cold outside.
2. Have you expressed your point of view yet (todavía)?
3. It's necessary that you all read the article that they published.
4. I walked for twenty minutes through the park before arriving to school.
5. It's good that y'all (vosotros) finish your work by tomorrow.
-Correct HW: WS  URB 8-9 (from SpIII 6.1)

-Battleship with subjunctive
-Practice Past Participles as adjectives  (work on silently)
HW:Finish Past Participles as adjectives worksheet

Enfoque #26
1. I would like to play chess. I love board games!
2. He would like to meet the music group before they attend a show.
3. We would like to buy some cards. Cards are our favorite pastime.
4. They would like to relax. They would prefer to have a good time later.
5. Would you like to chat and play billiards with me?
-Battleship with conditional
-Practice conditional worksheet  (work on silently)
HW:Finish conditional worksheet

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